--> Aussie designed tube squeezer



--> Made to last  



--> No more waste, saves you money



--> Quick and easy to use



--> Use any kind of tube up to


       75mm wide  




D-TUBE-IT is a registered Australian Trade- Mark. No 1453629 and Registered  Design. No 14948/2011.

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Copyright covered by the Paris Convention in over 170 Countries. Infringement will cause action at law.

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If the average price of a cosmetics, ointments, or toothpaste tube is used, then after using the D-TUBE-IT on 5-10 tubes it will have "PAID for IT-SELF".


D-TUBE-IT can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, work-shop, office, factory in fact anywhere a tubed product is used. It is easy to use, Eco-friendly, recyclable and by removing all the product from the tube the tube is then easily recyclable or disposed of. Forget the frustrations of rolling the tube up or cutting with scissors. After using D-TUBE-IT the tube can be stored vertically on its cap to save valuable storage space and make the tool available to use on other tubes as required. 


D-TUBE-IT is a thoughtful long lasting gift that you can give to your family or friends and they will appreciate your gift each time they use their D-TUBE-IT.  










Now, you can get rid of all the problems and annoyances when trying to get the product all out of the tube. Use D-TUBE-IT, roll it, squeeze the tube and solve all your problems.